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Dive Guide services and Private Charters

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 Guided Shore Dives (SCUBA or Snorkeling)

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 Private Divemaster (boat dives)

Be a part of a fun group on the Boat!

Not crowded Underwater!

 Private Charters (learn more)

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Pricing Policy

We do not post our prices! We do have set prices which we adjust annually after reviewing our expenses and the prices of several of our colleagues (Area dive shops and diving services companies). Our prices differ depending on what each individual wants and how many people will be participating in the activity. We keep our classes smaller than anyone else on the Island but many people still want more exclusivity. Therefore, open water classes of two persons has a set price. However, if one to two additional people join your class the price drops per person which is why we do not charge the whole price of an open water class to your credit card until we are inside the no cancellation period of 48 hours. We also have private (one person exclusive) and semi private (2 to 3 person exclusive) rates. These prices guarantee no one else will join your party. Please fill free to contact us for exact prices or any other concerns you may have regarding your upcoming adventure. We look forward to the opportunity to dive with you on Maui.


Refund Policy

A 50% minimum deposit is charged to book the activity and is non refundable after 72 hours prior to the activity unless we can fill the vacancy. In the case the vacancy is filled all but a 7% of the deposit (as a service and charge back fee) will be refunded upon request. The remainder of the full price is refundable until 48 hours prior to start time of the activity. Within 48 hours prior to the start of the activity the full price of the activity is non refundable unless the activity is canceled by the instructor and not rescheduled. Cancellation is usually but not necessarily due to inclement weather. In the case of cancellation by the instructor, and not rescheduled, all but a 2% charge back fee (when using a credit card) will be refunded upon request.