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Private Boat Guide

We Dive with different charters. That means, once you let us know what you want to do, we'll pick the charter company that meets your needs not necessarily just the one boat that is going out on your day. We meet early in the morning (except for night dives) at the boat for an additional briefing on dive boat courtesy and safety.

We love to socialize with other divers too. We'll be a part of the boat party before after and between dives. But, on the dives you won't have to wait in a line of 6 to 8 divers to look at little rarities your dive master will find or swim around other divers getting in your line of site for photos when the big stuff swims quickly by. Everything you need is included in our price except your swim suit, towel and sun block.

To book it contact us -  info@godivemaui.com.

Let us know in your e-mail:

  • Dates on Maui and your preferred days to dive
  • Your age (10 is the minimum)
  • Your height, weight, jeans and jacket size (for wet suit sizing)
  • Number in your party who will be diving on SCUBA (more than 4 you don't need Private)
  • Date and time of your departure flight and plans to be above 2000 ft.


For your safety please review the Flying After Diving Altitude Exposure Guideline