Discover Snorkeling

If you are coming to maui you know you want to snorkel the reefs. So if you're a little nervous because you've never tried snorkeling or have always had problems with it let us help. Discover Snorkeling is primarily for beginning snorkelers and free divers but our tips and assistance with fit, sizing and use of snorkeling equipment has been useful to those with more experience as well. Using the equipment the right way can make the difference in a good or great snorkeling experience. Do plan a snorkeling trip to Molokini but let us get you ready for it. When you go to the beach with us you'll be one of at most 6 people (with a private option) so you'll get all the attention you need. We'll get in the water with you and demonstrate all the necessary comfort techniques. Then we'll help you practice them until you are ready for the boats.

We meet at the beach at 6:30 in the morning. The program involves a brief introduction to gear use and fit, snorkel positioning, snorkel clearing, mask clearing, ear equalizing, movement in water and safety tips (about 20 min's + questions you might have). Then we'll give a dive site briefing (what kind of fish we'll see) and get in the water to show you the comfort skills. Then it's off to look for the turtles. Everything you need is included in our price so all you need to bring to the beach is a swim suit, towel, sun block and your sense of adventure.

To book it contact us at info@godivemaui.com.

But First !

Let us know in your e-mail:

  • Dates on Maui and your preferred days to dive
  • Your age (6 is the minimum)
  • Your height, weight, jeans and jacket size (for wet suit sizing)
  • Number in your party
  • Any questions or concerns you might have.