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North Shore Maui Dive Sites


"Maliko Gulch "

Maliko gulch is located on Maui's north shore. Just passed Hookipa beach park on the road to Hana you'll head down hill to the bridge that crosses Maliko stream. Immediately on the other side of the bridge turn right and follow the road beside the stream and under the bridge.

You can dive either side of Maliko but the steam ship anchors and most interesting swim throughs are on the right (East) side of the bay. There is a small wall at the end end of the east finger. At its base and 10 meters north are the 2 steam ship anchors. The hard corals at Maliko  bay are healthy and the topography is interesting.

If you continue around and to the east you'll find 3 deep ravines in the cliff side and any of them lead south west back into the bay. Going this far requires good air consumption a hot fill and a long surface swim. Turtles are common here but shy. They see few divers here on the wilder side of Maui. This is a good place to spot Devil Scorpion Fish, Spiny Lobsters, Ridge Back Slipper Lobsters. Lots of little caves hide surprises  such as large Conger eels and Spanish dancers. Some of the caves are large enough to enter but use caution. They are sometime less easy to get out of.


Inside the Bay there a lots of octopus, puffer fish and parrot fish.

Many first time Maliko divers are content to stay in the bay and venture only as far ar the wash rocks where I've seen groups of baby squid more than once on calm summer days. Take a dive flag.   It's the law and there is boat traffic here from the launch (local fishermen). The Stream can make the Bay muddy after a good Mauka rain. When this happens Tiger sharks have been seen in the bay, perhaps to eat toads washed out of the stream. In any case if you can't see what's in the water you might want to go dive south shore.


Reviews Comming Soon:  Pauwela Point and Kaupukaulua Point

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