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Master Scuba Diver

(time to complete Varies)

Join those divers with the highest non professional certification in recreational scuba diving. Do it by becoming a Master Scuba Diver – a rating that puts you in a class of distinction. You earn it by diving it, writing your ticket to endless adventure through the experience and training that set you apart.  Achieving the Master Scuba Diver rating means that you’ve acquired significant training and experience in a variety of dive environments.

  • Minimum Number of Logged Dives to complete: 50
  • Ratings required to complete: Advanced, Rescue Diver or Junior Rescue Diver, 12 years old, five Specialty Diver certifications.

Sample Schedule

If you do not yet have the advanced rating see the schedule for advanced Open water then Rescue diver.

After, before or during rescue diver training look at five specialties which interest you.

each of the 5 dives done in the advanced course count toward the required dives for their respective specialty dive ratings


The course involves lots of diving. For your safety please review the RSTC Medical Statement *.

To book it! contact us -  info@godivemaui.com.

Let us know in your e-mail:

  • Dates on Maui and your preferred days to dive
  • Your age (12 is the minimum for Jr Master Scuba Diver)
  • Your height, weight, jeans and jacket size (for wet suit sizing)
  • Number in your party who will be diving on SCUBA
  • Any questions or concerns involving the medical statement.
  • Date and time of your departure flight and plans to be above 2000 ft.

Answers to many medical questions

Flying After Diving Altitude Exposure Guidelines

For your safety please review the medical statement Scuba. If you must answer yes to any of the medical questions on the medical statement, and still wish to dive we require that you download a copy of the RSTC Medical Statement and Guidelines for Recreational Scuba Diver’s Physical Examination and see your family physician for a determination of your physical fitness for participation in Scuba Diving.