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Advanced Open Water Diver Certification

(5 dives (min), 2 and 1/2 to 3 and 1/2 days)

Lots of diving with a mission, our Advanced course includes a Deep Dive (70 -100 feet), Night Dive, Navigation dive, Buoyancy fine tuning and a Nitrox certification. Advanced Plus includes Deep diver (2 more dives) and emergency first responder. Putting you well on the way to Master Scuba Diver. Our course puts the reality of advanced before the title not because it's arduous but because it has substance. You will actually be able to do more upon completing this certification. Even if you start just after your basic certification, you will feel advanced after this course.

This is a prescriptive program which requires you read five sections of a manual "Adventures in Diving" and booklet and video "Enriched Air Diving" before you begin the class. On day one we'll meet at the beach at 7:00 in the morning for your first dives. That afternoon we'll finish academics. The next day we'll meet at the boat for your deep and nitrox dives. Usually the last dive is your night dive. Everything you need for the dive is included in our price except your swim suit, towel and sun block.

Sample Schedule

Day 1,

7:00 AM (meet at the beach)

  • Review study questions from chapter on buoyancy control.
  • Plan a dive to practice buoyancy control skills then do the dive
  • Light snack, drinks
  • Review study questions from chapter on Navigation
  • Plan a dive to practice navigation skills then do the dive
  • Log Dives and Break for lunch

Early Afternoon

  • Review study questions from chapter on boat diving, night diving, deep diving and Nitrox Manual.
  • Watch the nitrox DVD and take the EAN exam.
  • Analyze Nitrox tanks for oxygen percentage.
  • Get a good nights sleep!


Day and night 2,

6:30 AM (meet at the boat)

  • Check in and boarding procedures, (on board in route and at dive site) boat safety, pre dive and dive site briefings
  • Do deep and nitrox dives
  • Log Dives then Break to relax and eat an early light Super.

Watch Sunset

  • Plan and do the night dive.
  • Log dives, Finish Certification Paperwork and talk story.

To book it contact us -  info@godivemaui.com.

Let us know in your e-mail:

  • Dates on Maui and your preferred days to dive
  • Your age (12 is the minimum)
  • Your height, weight, jeans and jacket size (for wet suit sizing)
  • Number in your party who will be diving on SCUBA
  • Any questions or concerns involving the medical statement. *
  • Date and time of your departure flight and plans to be above 2000 ft.

Answers to many medical questions

Flying After Diving Altitude Exposure Guideline

*For your safety please review the medical statement Scuba. If you must answer yes to any of the medical questions on the medical statement, and still wish to dive we require that you download a copy of the RSTC Medical Statement and Guidelines for Recreational Scuba Diver’s Physical Examination and see your family physician for a determination of your physical fitness for participation in Scuba Diving.